Spiderman: OKcoming

Spiderman: Homecoming is the third attempt by Sony at successfully running a film series for the titular character, while also being its second attempt at kickstarting a cinematic universe for the webslinger. Whether you’re a fan of Sam Raimi’s original trilogy that ended just over a decade ago, or for some reason you actually liked […]

Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive Review

  Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive is part of the multi-media project of Final Fantasy XV, with this being the prequel before the game’s events. That is the biggest problem with the film – it’s not complete. There are loose plot holes that never get resolved, wasted potential in character development and questionable motivations for everyone. […]

The Stakes of Suicide Squad

By Eric Hanes In preparation for the impending release of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, starring Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and an absolute madman, I think it’s reasonable to consider what is at stake here for DC comics, and the state (corner) that it has found itself in recently. There’s no easy way around it: The […]

Ghostbusters 2k16 – R.I.P.

By Eric Hanes I hated it. I know that this isn’t exactly an unprecedented opinion considering the record breaking trailer dislikes on YouTube, or the general controversy surrounding the release of the film regardless of that trailer. All of the political backlash, the twitter wars, and constant arguing over whether or not the film needed […]

Mission Statement

This is basically just bumping the about section, honestly. In today’s gaming and movie industries, there exists a sort of parasitic sideshow parading as “journalism” that follows developers, players, writers, filmmakers, and others wherever they go. Regardless of the content of a work or its artistic merits, it is judged heavily on its social implications, […]

Introduction to the Blog! (Podcast Link)

We here at Koquam Studios are getting off our lazy asses and starting a blog, maybe. Come check it out in a week once we’ve got some articles up, it could be sweet. We’ll be doing a weekly podcast to go over the sorts of things that we’ll be covering in the coming week, and […]