Introduction to the Blog! (Podcast Link)

We here at Koquam Studios are getting off our lazy asses and starting a blog, maybe. Come check it out in a week once we’ve got some articles up, it could be sweet.

We’ll be doing a weekly podcast to go over the sorts of things that we’ll be covering in the coming week, and we’ve got our very first one right here: 
In this installment, we discuss what we’ll be doing with the blog over time, including Quang’s Hearthstone and smutty anime reviews, Kevin Luu’s Destiny coverage, Baris Benan B Gezer’s Football Manager Saga, Linhson Bui’s Runescape flavor guides, Eric Hanes’ Smash Brothers and Nintendo stuff, and Johnny Le’s reviews of apps and indie gems. On top of that, we’ll try to have some tech reviews and will definitely cover movies and television, including Better Call Saul, Batman v Superman, and 10 Cloverfield Lane. We’ll be back with weekly podcasts maybe, who knows.

We’re looking forward to bringing you more content in the very near future, just give us a bit to get everything ready and we’ll have reviews and guides up in no time. If you’ve got any questions, you can contact us through our Facebook page at or our email at Any requests or feedback? We’d be happy to take a look.



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