In today’s gaming and movie industries, there exists a sort of parasitic sideshow parading as “journalism” that follows developers, players, writers, filmmakers, and others wherever they go. Regardless of the content of a work or its artistic merits, it is judged heavily on its social implications, conformity to previously successful ventures, or mass appeal. This is because gaming journalists, and to a lesser extent, popular film critics, are often not qualified to be reviewing the material that they are covering, for a variety of reasons. For games, reviewers and “journalists” are primarily people that either do not play games, do not care for the medium, do not take time to review games properly and analyze their depth (or lack thereof), and generally are only in the business to make an easy profit, generate clicks, or push a personal agenda. Film critics have a far larger base of intelligent, invested, and analytical persons in comparison, but the popular YouTube and click-bait sites that many on social media seem to favor are leading to a generation of brain-dead and uninspired films that cloud the waters of true cinematic achievement.

With us, you don’t get that. We’re just a small bunch of people that don’t pretend to represent the entire world of gamers, moviegoers, or filmmakers (as we have tried to be on occasion) and are perfectly content to discuss objective facts, artistic merit, and other such things that may be important in judging whether or not a game, film, or other work in media is worth its price point, whether more like it should be developed and produced, and whether or not the best job possible was done in making any given work.

We probably will post sparingly so just fuck our shit up fam


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